Prices and class descriptions

As the teachers plan their classes with the students’ development in mind, we recommend participating in the whole course instead of attending single classes. If you don’t know what style to choose, you can of course try out the classes separately.

Registration to the classes is binding and happens through the Saiffa webpage.

You can also pay for the classes at Saiffa. We accept most credit cards and “Smartum”- , “Kulttuuriseteli”-, "Virikeseteli"-coupons and "Ticket Duo"-, "Mind & Body"-, "TYKY" and "Sporttipassi"-tickets, invoicing is also possible. If you already have paid for the class/course and are unable to attend you can compensate for the class by taking any other equally long, or shorter class during the on-going semester (for example a spring class in the spring semester).

We recommend wearing relaxed clothes that are suitable for indoor exercise and that you are comfortable moving in (for example sweatpants, t-shirt and indoor sneakers). A water bottle is also useful.

Prices 1.11. - 18.12.2020

Saiffa Membership
All classes for 12 months 99,90 €/month
All classes for 6 months 109,90 €/month
All classes for 1 month 119,90 €/month
Semester fee / course
60 min for 2021 season 279 €
45 min for 2021 season 239 €
10 times card 60 min 180 €
Single class prices
60 min 20 €
45 min 17 €
  • Saiffa Membership includes all classes for the whole year, free entrance to all school jams and  a 20% discount on Saiffa merchandise and  workshops.
  • Saiffa’s semester/course fees are the same when starting during weeks 1-3.
  • Saiffa’s semester fee includes 18 weeks of classes.
  • Saiffa Oy keeps the rights to all possible changes.

Class descriptions

Class levels: basic, advanced and open level

Basic level classes are suitable for beginners and people interested in trying dance. Advanced classes are for dancers with previous experience in the dance style in question and who are looking to develop their skills. Open-level classes are for dancers of all levels. 


Break (break dance, breaking, b-boying) is a street dance originally from New York. In the break-classes we practise the foundations of the style both upright and on the floor. We also focus on history, rhythm, confidence and feeling.

Break Hardcore

Break Hardcore is Saiffa’s answer to advanced studies for b-boys and b-girls. In the classes we take advanced breaking education to the next level by including history, alternative training methods and tools for starting a b-boy career. The responsible teachers are Flow Mo’s Jussi “Focus” and Johannes ”Hatsolo”. In the first class of the semester there is an audition where the most promising candidates are picked. The price of the Hardcore class is the same as for a normal 60 minutes class.

Dancehall Queenstyle

Dancehall Reggae

Hip Hop

In the Hip Hop-classes we focus on technique, groove and musicality. The class consists of warm-up, different movement-, technique- and groove exercises and a routine which is based on the exercises done in the class. On top of this we also practise freestyle in the classes. 


This dance style, which was born and developed in Chicago and New York alongside house music, has been influenced by many different dance styles. Jacking and fast paced footwork are typical for house dancing. In the classes we learn the foundations of house, different variations of them and learn how to use them ourselves.

Junnu Break

“Junnu Break” is the children’s own break class for everyone interested in dance and healthy exercise. In the classes we familiarize ourselves with the foundations of breaking and Hip Hop culture through different games and exercises. In the “Junnu Break” classes the children’s’ confidence grow as a result of the positive, encouraging atmosphere, the good team spirit and the feeling of accomplishment. Johannes “Hatsolo” Hattunen is the teacher in the “Junnu Break” classes.


Born in the 70’s, locking is an energetic street dance style which is danced to funk music. Pioneers of locking are for example Don Campbell, Greg Campbell Lock Jr. and other members of The Lockers. Typical moves for this rhythmical dance style are for example the point, the lock, muscle man and pace. In the classes we learn the foundations of locking and get creative with them. We also study rhythm and history of the dance style.


Popping is a dance style which originated on the west coast of USA in the late 70’s. Popping is a technical yet “funky” dance style and is danced to funk-based music. The foundation of the style is the “pop”; tensing your muscles to the beat of the music creating an electric effect. In the popping class we practise the foundations and techniques of popping and learn how to use them ourselves.




Waacking classe go through the basic techniques of the dance form using different menthods including hand and leg work, posing, groove and character. At the end of the class a small routine is made of the things learned. There's also freestyle training on the classes.