PERUTTU: House Dance & more with Alesya

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Saturday, 28. March 2020, 17:00 to Sunday, 29. March 2020, 19:00

Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 2. kerros, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

House Dance & more with Alesya

Yksi kovimmista palaa Saiffalle! Viime vuonna kurssit olivat loppuunmyytyjä, varaa siis paikkasi ajoissa.

Monipuoliset työpajat house-tanssista kiinnostuneille! Maailmankuulu Alesya jakaa työpajassa työkaluja improvisoinnissa kehittymiseen, joilla oppilaat kehittyvät perusteissa, tekniikassa, flowssa, luovuudessa, tanssin monimuotoisuudessa. Tavoitteena on ymmärtää ja kehittää musiikin, vartalon ja tanssin yhteyttä sekä sisäistää työkalut omatoimiseen kehittymiseen jatkossa.


Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School
Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 2. krs
00180 Helsinki
ovikoodi: *0123

Lauantai 28.3.2020 klo 17:00-20:00: Flow, groove, basic technique, variations, creativity.
Sunnuntai 29.3.2019 at 16:00-19:00: Jazz, improvisation, footwork, UK jazz fusion technique.

-1 x 3h sessio - 45€ (36€ Saiffa membership-jäsenyydellä)
-2 x 3h sessio - 90€ (72€ Saiffa membership-jäsenyydellä)

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Vain 25 paikkaa per kurssi! Varaa paikkasi ajoissa!


Versatile workshops for House Dance followers, where world famous Alesya shares tools that help dancers build their own improvisation. By exploring these tools the students learn more about basic technique of the style, flow, creativity, complexity and other different aspects to improve understanding of body, music and dance style, as well as to systematise all of the information for further independent self-work.

Place: Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School
Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 2. krs
00180 Helsinki
Door code: *0123

Saturday 28.3.2020 at 17:00-20:00: Flow, groove, basic technique, variations, improvisation, creativity.
Sunday 29.3.2020 at 16:00-19:00: Jazz, improvisation, footwork, UK jazz fusion technique.

-1 x 3h session - 45€ (36€ with Saiffa membership)
-2 x 3h session - 90€ (72€ with Saiffa membership)

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25 spots available for each workshop max, reserve your place in time!

About Alesya:

Alesya Dobysh is a professional dancer from Moscow Russia, now based in The Netherlands, choreographer, teacher of urban dance styles with more than 10 years of experience.

Being a part of the culture she earned her name by winning some of the biggest festivals and representing her own unique style. Besides dancing she is involved in different forms of art by collaborating with artists, being a model and DJ, sharing her aesthetic worldwide.

Alesya has co-founded the company «MIJ» - the only female crew in Europe representing UK Jazz Dance, making different shows, collaborating with dancers from Europe and Asia, organizing parties, markets, educational programs, making theater performances. They keep the culture alive, always inspiring the scene to create and develop.

In her own words: “As a dancer I always aim to develop myself through integrating knowledge from different fields, try to find my own interpretation of techniques and style, give preference to the aesthetic and natural way of moving, inspire people to pay attention to the details and be conscious in their dance, choices and life.
In my opinion the most important aspects of being a dancer are knowing your body, thinking creatively, integrating knowledges, collaborating and sharing. Based on this I will be guiding you through my personal experience of dance and sharing my knowledges and inspiration as well as inviting you to to share the creative process together."

The winner and finalist of international festivals in House category:
• «Random Circles» Frankfurt, Germany 2018;
• «Juste Debout Bercy» Paris, France 2016;
• "House Dance Forever" Tokyo, Japan 2015;
• "House Dance Forever" Amsterdam, Holland 2015;
• "BCN Top Styles" Barcelona, Spain, 2014;
• "Street Star" Stockholm, Sweden 2014;
• "Funkin' Stylez" Finland Qualification 2013;
• "Juste Debout" Italy Qualification 2013
• "Cercle Underground" Paris, France 2012;