• Jussi ”Focus” Sirviö


    Jussi started breaking in 1995. During his nearly 20-year long career, Jussi has travelled to more than 40 countries spreading the message of street dance culture. Jussi has won more than 50 international competitions, taught over a hundred workshops and judged the biggest street dance competitions in the world. Jussi is known as a versatile, determined and hard-working dancer as well as an inspiring and professional teacher. Jussi has also released the instruction DVD “Bboy workshop”, which became hugely popular in 2009 and has sold over a thousand copies around the world. The “IBE Focus on Footwork”-competition in Holland is named after Jussi.  

  • Linda Ilves


    Linda Ilves is a versatile street dancer, who has travelled the world for years both training and competing with her crew “CLEVA”. She is specialized in House and Hip Hop and has been successful in competitions both in Finland and abroad (Sweden, USA, Czech Republic etc). As a teacher Linda is inspiring and supportive and she is known for her musicality and playful/open-minded attitude towards dance.

  • Jenni "Jeniwai" Tuunainen
  • Taija "Taya" Hinkkanen
    Break, Hip Hop, Bodyweight
  • Sami Harju
  • Simeoni Juoperi
  • Alexandra Pekanpalo
    Twerk, dancehall fusion, hip hop
  • Ita Puusepp
    hip hop, house

    Ita got introduced to hip-hop in 2003, when she started taking classes from JJ, one of the pioneers of the scene in Estonia. In 2009 Ita got introduced to house dance and fell in love with the music and movement. Since then she has been travelling in Europe and elsewhere to learn from different teachers, practice with various dancers, get inspired and make connections. Ita has been active in the dance scene not only by competing and performing, but also by organising events and supporting the local dancers.

    Ita’s students have described her as a passionate and positive teacher, who is always looking for ways to challenge the students and help them progress in an encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Bubblin' Crew
  • Sami Vallius
    hip hop, house
  • Jasmir Vesander
    Hip hop choreo, commercial
  • Akim Bakhtaoui
    hip hop choreo, hip hop freestyle
  • Emmi Mikkilä
    hip hop, heels choreo
  • Suvi Palonen
    vogue, hip hop
  • Roza Ahmad
  • Jérémy Gaudibert